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The Ministry of Health has approved the opening of shuls beginning today, Wednesday, May 20th. This is not a blanket authorization to open; it comes with many caveats and restrictions. The building needs to be properly prepared, numerous regulations regarding age and spacing of worshipers need to be adhered to and pre-registration is required for participating in a minyan.
The Shul Board met today via Zoom along with Rabbi Goldwicht and other relevant players to discuss how to move forward. Our overriding criteria is the health and safety of our members. To this end, we decided on the following criteria for attending a minyan:
  • Attendance at a minyan is by prior registration only [below is a link to that registration form]
  • No one over the age of 70 should be attending [subject to the next item]
  • No one with a compromised medical condition should attend regardless of age
  • Regulations allow for a maximum of 50 people; the actual number may be lower based on the size of the shul
The situation is changing rapidly and all these interim steps will change accordingly. As the Ministry of Health updates their instructions, we will respond as well. In the meantime, difficult as it may be for the majority of our members, it is a necessary process for protecting our members during this time.


Thu, 28 May 2020 5 Sivan 5780